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  Discover eSwysHair, our salon and institute management software.


What does "eSwys" even mean?

eSwys stands for "enterprise software systems".

Who is eSwys Solutions Sàrl?

We are Swiss company located in Geneva, Switzerland, founded in 2014. Our core competence is software development. We also have years of experience in consulting, dedicated solution development, coaching and business process optimization.

What does eSwys do?

eSwys' core product is a business-management software including customer-relation management (CRM), sales management (including cash-machines), basic accounting, stock management and powerful reporting and analytical tools to manage day-to-day business.

Our software comes with a dedicated service: on-demand software or functionality development, consultancy to deploy the right technical solution for your business, accompany you in the deployment of new solutions and the growth of your business.

In short, we offer the eSwys-knife IT solution for small businesses.

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